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in these situations a lot. by the way. >> another rogue wave got a cbs team. >> okay, whoa, hey, guys, whoa. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> meanwhile, beach erosion swallowed a fox reporter's foot. >> looks like a sandy walkway to the beach has got my foot stuck. >> oh, my xwosh. >> jason carroll stumbled on a scuba diver. >> if i have to get out, i have scuba gear, surf boards, a kayak. >> some left defiant messages to the storm, hey, sandy, irene left her pant ies here, come tr them on. but reporters weren't so full of bravado when the wind left a crane dangling over manhattan. >> as soon as we saw this, we started running from 57th. >> hurricanes and high-rises don't mix. >> we just had some glass breaking out here. we just had glass breaking. >> for some, it was just an excuse to horse around behind a reporter. >> don't go out, can't get out of atlantic city -- >> or even dress up like a horse. >> there's a shirtless man jogging, wearing a horse mask. >> the hurricane horse later tweeted out a a picture of himself, but reporters usually don't appreciate pranksters. a real deer. wnbc reports this one w
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2